Ma, I, van Holstein, Mies, G, Mennes, M, Buitelaar, J, Cools, R, Cillesen, A.H.N, Krebs, R.M, Scheres, A (2016). Ventral striatal hyperconnectivity during reward inference control in adolescents with ADHD. Cortex. [link]

Paper accepted in SCAN

Geurts, D, von Borries, K, Volman, Bulten, B, I, Cools, R, Verkes, R-J (in press). Neural connectivity during reward expectation dissociates psychopathic criminals from noncriminal individuals with high impulsive/antisocial psychopathic traits. SCAN

Paper accepted in Psychopharmacology

Janssen, LK*, Sescousse, G*, Hashemi, MM, Timmer, MHM, ter Huurne, N, Geurts, D, Cools, R (in press). Abnormal modulation of reward versus punishment learning by a dopamine D2-receptor antagonist in pathological gamblers. Psychopharmacology.

Paper published in Frontiers for Young Minds

Together with The Rainbow Investigators, consisting of 10 Spanish high school students, Guillaume wrote a paper for Frontiers for Young Minds, where young minds peer-review the submissions. You can download the pdf below. 

Andújar B, Campderrós G, García M, Marino M, Mas M, Narbona L, Pérez L, Rodrigo P, Velásquez AJ, Vilà J, Laguna D, Flutre T,  Bonnefond M, Sescousse G, Riboli-Sasco L (2015). Twenty tips for high-school students engaging in research with scientists. Front. Young Minds. [pdf]